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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Peru is a wonderful and diverse country, overflowing with enigmatic landscapes, diverse climates, and people from more walks of life than you could begin to imagine. It is crucial to travel sustainably in order to preserve the wonders of Peru.

What Does Sustainability Mean to Us?

At Peru Empire, we believe that a country is a sum of its parts, and those parts must remain protected and preserved, to be enjoyed for generations to come. We have delicately crafted our unique experiences in order to minimize the footprints left, while balancing the will and desire to show our travelers the very best of Peru

The Local Artisans

We are consistently working as a company to ensure that jobs are created within local areas. This provides local people with a chance for a steady and fair income, as well as the opportunity to gain employable skills that can be practiced throughout life, both inside and outside the workplace. Whoever they are, we provide them with a strong understanding of transferrable skills that, wherever they go, will help to support them and their family.

Children of the Land

As hard as we work to ensure the people are looked after, we work equally hard to ensure the preservation of the culture, heritage, and lands of Peru. From rejecting the use of single-use plastics and creating projects dedicated to cleaning the shores of Lake Titicaca, to investing in education and community development, we are constantly working towards a better, more inclusive Peru for all of its citizens.